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Join us in mastering the art of NON-procrastination.

A small team, known for our commitment to best practices and forward movement.

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Enterprise IT consulant

Technical Lead

"Spirit" Character: Marty McFly

  • His hobbies are music and playing with technological gadgets.

  • Nobody calls me chicken

Mark has an IT career spanning over 30 years, on 3 continents and in diverse industries. He has been involved in the early and ongoing stages of many organizations, including start-ups, corporate initiatives. Mark has built and overseen the successful development and implementation of business transforming solutions such as electronic document creation, large scale custom data capture, services-oriented application layers, ERP implementations, migrating systems to the Cloud and much more. 


Formerly the Director of IT Business Architecture for PwC, prior to co-founding Brand Sandwich Communications, Mark was responsible for bridging IT and business, transforming the delivery of professional services, and was a member of the PwC Global Architecture Standards Board. He brings expert evaluation, deep experience and innovation to bridging systems, process and people solutions together.


Mark's interests and involvement in ongoing projects include IOT Data Collection and Analytics, Cloud Accounting for SMB, Systems Reviews for a large NGO, and Blockchain and Digital Ledger envisioning. With unmatched field experience in the development, delivery and enterprise solutions, Mark is uniquely positioned to help shape the future of how organizations, and the people that matter to them, work.

Toronto Small Business Websites

Web Content Developer

"Spirit" Character: Michonne

She is resourceful and deadly, a skilled warrior with an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of enemies both human and otherwise.

As a website designer and content developer, Carla's primary focus is providing value and personalized services that go beyond cookie-cutter layouts and copywriting.

With more than a decade of experience in Marketing and Communications, Carla honed her technical know-how with an early career in database management, while producing educational materials for large corporate clients.


A champion for the little guy or gal, Carla is able to seamlessly leverage her understanding of bureaucratic advantages to guide entrepreneurs from the stage of taking "the leap" through to the maintenance of expert-level reputations in their chosen fields of operation. 


Carla bridges the gap between the interests of those concerned with infrastructure and those responsible for messaging. Her passion and skills align in the realm of content that educates, informs and entertains.

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Brand Sandwich

Communications Inc.

Located at the Riverdale Hub

1326 Gerrard St E.

Toronto, ON M4L 1Z1


Hours: Mon - Fri, 10-6

Also available by appointment outside office hours.

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