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Smooth sailing ahead.

Expansion or improvement of enterprise-level IT solutions calls for reliable advice and a history of excellence.


Small/Medium Enterprise

You are surrounded by great ideas, new trends, thoughts and worries about your technology department. The frustrations of how long things take and how much they cost are taking valuable attention and time away from growing your business, or even just peace of mind.  You spend hours on spreadsheets making up for disconnected and confusing systems to help you understand what happened months ago, let alone having your systems help you predict what’s coming next!  Brand Sandwich can help, through our consulting services, to:

  • Help move your Financial Systems or other Back Office systems to the Cloud

  • Perform a Systems Scan, including processes, people and technology, creating a clear path forward and achievable next steps

  • Drive out inefficiencies, using proven frameworks and solutions that reduce steps, clarify goals, and align the team to the business goals

  • And much more, let’s have a conversation

Social Enterprise/NGO

You are driven to deliver on your mission, and the IT department is a necessary expense, not a focus or strength. Your technical systems may be functioning, but the world is getting more complex, scrutiny from Donors and sponsor programs are at an all time high. When people talk about “Data Analytics” and “Innovation”, you would love to keep up with all the latest, but with the focus on performance, who has time? Frankly, you’re happy enough using Excel to produce Donor reports, and for internal planning – using months-old, semi-reliable information. But you know that some improvements - if you could just get to them -  would make a world of difference in ease of processes and overall achievement. This is where Brand Sandwich can be of guidance, with:

  • Enterprise Briefings that get you and your executive team up to speed on all the latest topics

  • Systems Review to determine where intermediary tools can support cross-system communications
  • Vendor Scan to narrow the paths forward in terms of affordability and impact
Reach us

1326 Gerrard St E.

Toronto, ON M4L 1Z1


Mon to Fri, 10-6

Also available by appointment outside office hours.

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